Common Problems With Safes

Battery failure on digital safes.

blogger-image-1955594707By far the most common reason for a call out regarding a safe for B&D Safe Opening is battery failure on a digital device. Therefore, the safe is left completely inaccessible until we arrive to fix it. That can be inconvenient enough for a private resident but imagine how difficult it could be for a business, potentially unable to trade until we enter the premises. B&D Safe Opening advise that you keep a regular check on the battery within your safe in order to avoid even having to call a locksmith out.

Ensure that you have sufficient records of your safe code.

Milner Safe - B&D Safe OpeningIt is important to have a back up record of your safe’s entry code. Particularly if the safe is situated in a work environment. If you have a system in place where by only the manager has access to the safe code, what happens when the manager goes on holiday/ is ill/ leaves all together? If there is no other person with a record of the safe code you will have to call out a safe engineer to gain entry to the safe. Far cheaper to simply have a securely recorded back up.

Safe keys

B&D Safe Opening can help you with any safe key enquiriesIt may sound like obvious advice but DO NOT lock your spare override key inside your safe. That way should you lose your first key, you will have access to a spare key. But what if you have lost your spare override key as well? Get in touch with B&D Safe Opening and we will be able to assist you by gaining access to your safe and then cutting a new key for your safe.
If you have managed to snap the key in the lock of your safe we are able to help you with this issue as well, in a non destructive manner.

Combination lock stuck on Safe.

Stratford Safe opened by B&D Safe Opening, LondonThere are many different reasons why a combination safe won’t open and Liberty Safes have produced an extremely useful trouble shooting guide. It covers many common issues from the lock not turning, to the handle not opening the door and even help regarding the locking bolts not retracting to close door. Of course, the guide has been written for advice on Liberty safes but many of the points will assist with other makes of safes too. Should you require any further guidance or help with your combination safe then please do not hesitate to call us.

Safe FAQ Pages

Various different makes of safe have there own FAQ pages to assist you with frequently occurring basic issues. These guides can be useful but will not be an exhaustive reference. There are also enquiry forms that can besubmitted directly to the safe manufacturer. If after referring to the online help, you still need assistance then please feel free to call B&D Safe Opening on  07856 408 407 . A list of popular safe makes and their FAQ/enquiry pages are listed below for your convenience.

With thanks to  LungSanLau ( GNU Free Documentation License) for the use of the photograph of a Milner Safe.


Chubb Sovereign Safe Opening

B&D Safe Opening, London opened this Chubb Sovereign safe

B&D Safe Opening attended a call out to this Chubb Sovereign safe in Oxford Street. The safe was in a West London clothes store and on arriving we found that the electronic lock had failed. We had to gain entry to this Chubb safe as quickly as possible for our client. This was because the client was unable to fully trade, until safe had been opened. B&D Safe Opening gained entry and then fitted a new electronic safe lock. We also input new, multiple codes for both the managers and other users of the safe. The Chubb Sovereign safe has been restored to it’s previous perfect working order.

As we have previously mentioned, electronic locks failing on a safe occurs fairly frequently. However, with regular maintenance on your safe by a qualified safe engineer, you can prevent this from happening.

Contact B&D Safe Opening’s Safe Engineer on 07856 408 407

For further assistance with common safe problems, read our blog post and if you still need help then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us on the above number.

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