Chubb TDR Safe Opening

Chubb TDR Safe Opening by B&D Safe Opening, LondonB&D Safe Opening attended a call out to a Chubb TDR safe in the city of London. The client had keys and locks that were both unlocking the safe but it was still not opening the door.The security devices inside the safe door itself, which we call re-lockers or anti explosive device (AED) had gone into the locking position stopping the safe from opening.

The safe had not been serviced for as long as our client could remember. We had to gain entry to this Chubb safe and service all of the internal locks and re-lockers. The problem could well have been avoided if the safe had been regularly serviced by a safe engineer.

Following our repair work and servicing, we left the job leaving the client’s Chubb TDR safe in perfect working order and properly secure for their business.

B&D Safe Opening open safes in North, South, East and West London and all surrounding South West England counties.

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